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    For all foldout jobs please be sure to include folding instructions i.e. folding type and descriptions of the front and back pages. If you are unsure of how to fold the job please click here for further details.

    Please refer to the PRINT SUPPORT page on how to correctly supply artwork to our specifications. If you have difficulty ordering online please contact We Print It Help Online at

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    By saving your quote, an email will be sent to the address supplied that contains a pdf copy of the quote. A copy will also be saved in the We Print It quote system that can be accessed at any time through the web site. * Please note - If you have selected finishings, only one quantity will be displayed on the quote.

    Do you need a more sophisticated quote, from one of our managers? Fill out the manual quote form to get a response.

    Stock Table

    Stock Description
    Laser Bond Uncoated copier friendly office paper.
    Knight Smooth Extremely smooth uncoated paper. Exceptional printability and colour reproduction.
    Strathmore Premium Super Smooth Premium smooth uncoated paper. Superior print performance and ink hold-out.
    Gloss Gloss coated paper with high whiteness, bulk, stiffness and sharpness.
    Matt Matt coated paper with high bulk, stiffness and sharpness.
    Plain - Satin Sealed Non laminated coated business card stock with a protective satin varnish. High bulk, brightness
    Impact 100% Recycled Bleached white uncoated, 100% recycled paper. Excellent opacity, even surface and high bulk.
    Envirocare 100% Recycled Non bleached, off white uncoated, 100% recycled paper. Excellent opacity, even surface and high bulk.
    Maine Silk 60% Recycled White, silk coated 60% recycled paper. Exceptional printability and colour reproduction.
    Appointment Card Satin coated 1 sided board - uncoated reverse for easy writing and/or stamping.
    Conqueror Laid Brilliant White Uncoated stock with classic double sided lined texture.
    Linen Uncoated stock with double sided linen texture.
    Enduro Vellum Paper laminate reinforced synthetic paper. Tear and water resistant.
    JPP Synthetic Tough Card Matt white polypropylene film. Tear and water resistant.
    Gloss Sticker - Self Adhesive Peel off crack back, self adhesive sticker stock.
    Full Magnet 0.4mm thick magnet base - adhered to gloss laminated card.

    Stock Table

    Weight / Type Description
    64gsm NCR Carbon Copy Ledger Paper
    90gsm Bond Light - copier friendly paper
    100gsm Laser Bond Medium - copier friendly paper
    90gsm Gloss Light Glossy paper
    100gsm Gloss Light Glossy paper
    115gsm Gloss Medium Glossy paper
    115gsm Matt Medium Matt paper
    130gsm Gloss Medium Glossy paper
    130gsm Matt Medium Matt paper
    150gsm Gloss Heavy Glossy paper
    150gsm Matt Heavy Matt Paper
    170gsm Monza Satin 55% Recycled Matt paper
    200gsm Gloss Light Glossy Card
    230gsm Gloss Medium Glossy Card
    250gsm Gloss Medium Glossy Card
    300gsm Gloss Heavy Glossy Card
    350gsm Gloss Heavy Business card stock
    420gsm  Super Heavy business card stock

    Paper sizes

    This page serves to give an idea of the different paper sizes available to We Print It customers.

    In general, brochures & flyers are printed on flyer sizes under A4, though they can often be folded from A3 down to A4 and then further 'crash folded' to DL for mailing. 

    Anything larger than A4 is usually reserved for posters.

    Custom sizes are also available. For custom size brochures or booklets please send a request through our custom quote request section. 

    The maximum available size for large run brochures is A1 (840 x 594mm). Short run wide format posters can be printed at A0 size (1188 x 840mm)

    Further Artwork/sizing information can be found at the bottom of this page or on the artwork specifications page.

    Artwork Sizes

    We require document page sizes to be as listed:

      Finished Size Size with 2mm bleed
    BC 89mm x 54mm 93mm x 58mm
    DL 98mm x 210mm 102mm x214mm
    A6 103mm x 148mm 107mm x 152mm
    A5 148mm x 210mm         152mm x 214mm
    A4 210mm x 297mm 214mm x 301mm
    A3 297mm x 420mm         301mm x 424mm
    A2 420mm x 594mm 424mm x 598mm
    A1 594mm x 840mm 598mm x 844mm


      Finished Size Size with 2mm bleed
    DL Envelope 220mm x 110mm         Bleed Not Applicable
    DL+ Envelope 235mm x 120mm Bleed Not Applicable
    C5 Envelope 229mm x 162mm Bleed Not Applicable
    C4 Envelope 324mm x 229mm Bleed Not Applicable


      Finished Size Size with 2mm bleed
    Maxi Magnet (1) 148mm x 99.5mm 152mm x 103.5mm
    Maxi Magnet (2) 78.5mm x 168mm 82.5mm x 172mm

    Multiple Kinds

    The multiple kind discount calculator is our way of rewarding you for ordering multiples of the same product at the same time.

    How does it work?

    Say you want to order business cards for all your staff. The cards will all have the same artwork, but the name and position within the company will be different.

    By ordering jobs with "multiple kinds" you can get discounts on the printing cost, and significant reductions on the price of artwork checking (because most of the artwork is the same).

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