Stock Types


Plain - Satin Sealed Unlaminated business card stock with a protective satin aqueous varnish (super seal)
Bond Copier friendly office paper.
Laser Bond Premium - Copier friendly office paper.
Gloss - non laminated Gloss paper with semi-gloss coating.
Matt - non laminated Matt paper with satin coating.
Gloss - uncoated Digital printing on gloss paper/card
Matt - uncoated Digital printing on matt paper/card
Monza Satin 55% recycled / 100% carbon neutral paper.
Envirocare 100% Recycled Off white 100% recycled paper - non-bleached.
Impact 100% Recycled White 100% recycled paper - bleached for whiter texture.
Incada One semi-gloss side and a completely uncoated stock that allows for easy writing and stamping. Laminating is available on the semi-gloss side. 
NCR Paper No Carbon Repeat paper (NCR) transfers text from one sheet onto a duplicate when pressure is applied upon writing. This stock is used for easy duplication of account forms, purchase orders etc
Polypropolene UV resistant stock that will not fade from sunlight exposure,
Full Magnet 0.4mm thick base with 230gsm card attached and gloss laminated.
Gloss - Adhesive Back Peel off back sticker stock - 80gsm



Gloss Laminate/ Celloglaze High gloss, protective film applied to sheets on one side or both - the minimum weight for laminating is 200gsm. Laminating covers 100% of the sheet without exception. 
Matt Laminate/ Celloglaze Heavy Matt, wax like, protective film applied to printed card on one side or both - the minimum weight for laminating is 200gsm. Laminating covers 100% of the sheet without exception. 
Spot UV High gloss application that can be applied to specific areas of a sheet. It can be applied on top of a matt laminate to provide a high contrast between the matt and gloss. 
Machine Varnish A machine varnish is applied to all We Print It jobs on a gloss or matt stock. It is a clear ink that provides extra finish to the stock i.e. a gloss varnish will make gloss stocks more shiny and the matt machine varnish makes matt stocks more dull.