Saddle Stitching

Saddle stitching (or stapled spine binding) is the most common way of assembling booklets and the least expensive. It involves stitching two wires into the spine of the book and a stitching machine. These wires very closely resemble staples you’d see from a regular stapler used in the office.

Our booklets have the option of having a separate cover with different finishes & laminates applied. They can be thicker covers or a self cover where all pages including the cover are printed on the same paper weight. Booklets come in A6 to A3 sizes, for sizes in-between please send us a quote through our custom quote section.

Saddle stitching requires 4mm bleed on all pages as these booklets are prone to ‘creep’. Creep is the name given to the circumstance where the number of pages in the book will cause the spine to become slightly thicker and then cause the internal pages to be slightly smaller than the external pages. All text and important objects should be placed at least 4mm from each edge of the booklet as a result of creep.

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