Check my files and make them print ready

By selecting this option you are enlisting the services of We Print It to check that your file is ready to go to print. We suggest that unless you are familiar with prepress practices that you always select this option. Failing to select this option will result in your files going straight to print without prepress checks and any artwork that fails to meet the required specifications may print incorrectly at the fault of the artwork supplier.

This option will only be available for artwork supplied as pdf files. For information on how to turn your file into a pdf click here. Any files NOT supplied as pdf files will be considered at least a basic redraw and will incur artwork charges.

What we will check for

  • That the artwork is the correct size
  • Bleed is supplied and there is no artwork too close to the trim size
  • Artwork is set to CMYK (Unless PMS printing is being ordered)
  • Images used are of a high enough resolution to print well
  • Fonts are embedded and will display correctly
  • Overprint options are not employed unless required
  • Pages are in the correct order
  • Folds will line up correctly with artwork
  • Booklet pages are in correct order

What we will not check for

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Web addresses, phone numbers etc
  • Any information contained within the text or images on the brochure.


Selecting this option will not result in We Print It changing any artwork or providing any typesetting/design services.